Why Water?

The IV pole was always within a few feet of his small, pale body. Whether he was sleeping in the crib, being pulled around in a wagon, or playing in the toy room, Jordan was always hooked up to tubes and lines during our stays on third floor of the children’s hospital.

On little sleep, my reaction time needed to be optimal. A pull or jerk could dislodge the port needle from his chest. Dad and mom or visiting grandparents constantly spotted him as he fought to live the beautiful life of a baby boy learning to crawl, walk, and play.

For 24 long and anxious hours, a toxic poison in a big, fluorescent bag coursed through Jordan’s body. It was on a mission to destroy every leukemia cell while ravaging the good ones.  It was evident we were not injecting vitamins.

Following a day’s worth of constant chemotherapy, we spent the next three days flushing his body with fluids. Just as chemotherapy could get into his blood stream and ravage every cell, hydration and bowel movements could flush and eliminate the toxins dismissing the poison from its work on such a little body.  Lab tests and urine samples revealed the progress.  The goal was for the drugs to do their job and get out.

Its why hydration has this cancer mom all fired up. You see, water is the solvent of life. It is an essential nutrient, making up 60% of our bodies, up to 83% of our lungs, and 73% of our heart and brain. Our little ones are made up of even more water. Good water has the potential to detoxify, hydrate, and power the body.

Water is not only important to my son and his healing journey from Leukemia and its toxic treatment, but also to you and your loved ones.

Water flushes toxins, carries nutrients, breaks down macronutrients through hydrolysis, and maintains our blood pressure and volume. Without it, our organs cannot function. Water lubricates joints, absorbs shock in the brain and spinal column, and regulates body temperature. It is also needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters. The list goes on.

In short, water allows the body to grow, reproduce and thrive.

The importance of water cannot be overlooked or understated. Water is vital to life and more complex than anyone really knows.

In Step was founded with the desire to provide natural solutions that power the body and inspire you to live IN STEP with your creator.

As you follow along, I hope it will not only inspire you to drink more water but also to look at the quality and structure of your water.

What result is the water you drink currently yielding in your body, crop, garden, home, livestock, or business?

Is there a solution that might allow these things to better grow, reproduce, and thrive?

You have come to the right place, and I cannot wait to show you.