Specialized In-Home Physical Therapy

for people with Parkinson's or other balance and mobility difficulties.

Natural solutions for water and wellness

Water Solutions

for homes, car washes, businesses, agriculture, lawn & garden, municipalities


Gut brain axis communication for mental fitness, athletic edge, mood, motivation, metabolism, attention, stress resilience, calmness, confidence, and weight management.


mood, motivation, metabolism

Kids Products

Most comprehensive multivitamin and gut-brain axis support for growing kids and teens.



In Step was founded with the desire to help others live fully and fruitfully by investing in their health so they can have the mental and physical edge they need to perform.  Whether it's water or wellness, you will find natural solutions here to support healthy homes, minds, and bodies.


Our in home water system provides optimal hydration, revitalization, and purification with outstanding longevity and little maintenance. The perfect water delivery system for your healthy lifestyle.

I've partnered with THE MENTAL WELLNESS COMPANY © to provide natural supplementation protocols to my clients that are evidence based and provide optimal gut-brain axis communication for:

  • mental fitness
  • athletic edge
  • attention
  • mood
  • motivation
  • metabolism
  • stress resilience
  • confidence
  • calmness
  • healthy weight


Writing has become a way of processing the most difficult season of our lives. Each step of Jordan's journey with childhood cancer, God has called us to wait, hope, and trust in Him, seeking His presence to live IN STEP.

I plan to share more details of our healing journey here and advanced wellness solutions we've discovered along the way.  And I pray the Holy Spirit uses this space to point our hearts and minds to Christ.  I hope you find encouragement here to live IN STEP with the Spirit. Let's go!