In Step Hydrating Water Systems

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    • Provides clean, hydrating, delicious water on tap
    • Neutralizes destructive effects of hard water, reducing the need for salt
    • Good for the home and environment
    • Reduces water usage
    • Produces electrically alive water necessary to power cells in the body and flush toxins
    • Little to no maintenance on a unit that will outlast your home.

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    How does it work

    In Step Hydrating Water Systems uses Nu Force Technologies to restore water to its natural form by vortexing water through a patented process. The result is electrically alive water which is able to better hydrate, detoxify and power the body.


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    Each system includes water structuring and purification units, 5 year supply of filters (changed twice a year), mounting plate, local installation or shipping*, and tax.

    *Local installation considered within 30 miles of Sioux Center, Iowa. Product will be delivered and installed by our licensed plumber. 
    *Products shipped will include detailed instructions for installation for a licensed plumber