How it Works

In Step Hydrating Water Systems use Nu Force Technologies to restore water to its natural form by vortexing water through a patented process. Consider how God made water to flow down mountains, rocks, rivers, and streams, purifying and restoring it to its natural form. The result is electrically alive water which is able to better hydrate, detoxify and power the body

Optimal Hydration
Every life giving process that occurs in our body happens through water! To hydrate means to cause hydration. In order to hydrate, we need water, chemically known as H²0. In order to properly hydrate your body, you need to give it the correct form of water as much as possible which we refer to as structured water. When six water molecules bind to each other by a common hydrogen bond creating a hexagonal crystalline structure, your body is better able to transport this into the cell. Other water structures cause the body to use up valuable bodily resources to break water down in order to transport. These resources could better be used to reinforce the immune system.

Powerful Natural Antioxidants
In Step Hydration uses Nu Force Water Technologies that produce water loaded with negative hydrogen ions. These act as powerful natural antioxidants to counteract damaging free radicals which are major contributors of disease. Negative hydrogen ions are good because they establish biological terrain where harmful microbes such as yeasts, bacteria, viruses, and parasites do not remain. They also produce hydrated cells that are able to move nutrients and oxygen in and out helping the mitochondria (the power house of the cell) function effectively.

Electrically Alive Water
There is not one part of the body that can function properly in the absence of electrically alive water. Water that can electrically interface with cells is the biggest single requirement for healthy bodies.

The entire electrical function of every cellular process depends on electrical conductivity of every molecule. Conductivity also known as thermal conductivity (medium to transfer energy), increases or decreases depending on the hydration levels at the cellular structure.

Chlorinated water even if filtered cannot hydrate cells. The lack of hydration happens as surface tension of chlorination bonds the molecules of water tightly together in a large clustered form, far greater than the surface tension of the body fluids surrounding every cell. Even if filtered, the surface tension does not revert back to its natural state. Filtration and chlorination take out dangerous chemicals, but the water is left electrically dead.

Oxygen Rich
No electrons are carried anywhere within the living body unless attached to a hydrogen ion for all chemical reactions. Nu Force structured water holds in excess stable oxygen with 5-6 ppm dissolved oxygen content. Four and below is not stable. The result is oxygen rich, hydrating, revitalizing water.

Environmentally Friendly
Salt water systems have come under fire recently, due to the negative impact they have on the environment and community water systems. On average these units waste about 150 gallons of water each week amounting to 7,800 gallons a year. This increases monthly water bills and puts a major burden on community water supplies.

Salty, treated water finds its way back into streams, lakes, and soil which impacts marine life and agriculture.

Our salt water alternatives help to neutralize the destructive effects of hard water reducing and often eliminating the use of salt. Our systems do not waste water and require no electricity providing economic benefits for homeowners and community water supply.

How do our units work?
Our stainless steel units have a multiple vortex machine making the water spin and twirl in both directions simultaneously, at multiple times. There are no magnetics and no chemicals. Water works upon itself just like it does in a river causing it to structure itself, clearing its memory, balancing its PH, and restoring its energy. The result is a water molecule that has power to protect life and provide the things that are good for life by pulling the things that are adverse to life to the inside of the water molecule.

No to Low Maintenance
Our water units are installed where your water enters your home as an in-line device to provide structured water to your entire home. Installation is simple. We also provide a transparent unit with a carbon filter that can be changed per home owner preference every 1-6 months.

How is our system different than an RO system or other filtering systems?
Most filtering systems remove almost everything in water, including valuable minerals, leaving the water electrically dead. Unfortunately, reverse osmosis water does not hydrate the body well and may add residue from the plastic membrane into the water and then into the body. Neither do anything to reestablish the healthy structure of water after man made pollution and electromagnetic fields cause it to lose its natural structure. Our system uses a carbon filter and a patented process to produce revitalized water for optimal hydration.