Common feedback given after personal use includes: Improved taste and desire to drink water, feels smooth, and satisfies thirst.

"As a young family affected by childhood cancer, we have been searching for wellness options to benefit our son's healing. We are grateful to have partnered with Nu Force Technologies and love that we can get clean, structured water from our tap. The water tastes great, we have reduced our salt usage, and our kids love drinking it!"

Our Testimonial

"Everytime I visit Steph's house, I bring my big water bottle and make sure to fill it up before I leave. It tastes great and I feel more hydrated after drinking it. I cannot wait to have mine installed."


"Together I saved $1246 in salt cost and $3651 in water cost for an approximate combined savings of $4897 for the year. The cost to put my system in was approximately $4990. So the return on investment was approximately 1 year."

Car Wash Owner

"How does the system work? I don't really understand it all. What I do know, it's saving me a fortune. I can tell you how impressed and satisfied I am with the Nu-Force water system! Thank you! Not only is there less waste of water, but also all the salt that is saved from going down the drain, messing up sewers and not going to our ground water source."

Car Wash Owner

"Milk production stepped up and somatic cell count decreased. We saw an increase of 5-10 pounds more milk per day. Cows were more alert, behavior relaxed. Breeding has gone better." 

Cattle Farmer near Spencer

"Best Garden I've ever had"

Gardener from Minnesota

"We used the revitalized water unit on the same type of beans that we planted in two fields that are side by side. We did nothing different between the fields and the soil composition is the same type after we had it tested. Everything was equal except the revitalizing unit. The field with the unit had a 6 bushel per acre gain in the first year and used ~700 gallons of water per acre less than the other field."

Revitalized Soybean Crop in NE Nebraska

"Under normal conditions we get about 3 cuttings of large square bales annually. This year, I added fertilizer through the water unit. Under drought conditions we will get 4 cuttings. My neighbor came to help and was surprised at the volume and weight of my bales. The soil in the field was loose for proper root growth as compared to the adjoining field that had a crust over it with the soil very compacted underneath. You could see where the water was running off everyplace." 

Revitalized Alfalfa in Colorado